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Sword Life
Sword Life

Sword Life

How to Play Sword Life

To get started with playing, here are the essential steps:

– Create an account on the official website.
– Download and install the game client.
– Complete the tutorial to understand the basic mechanics.
– Join a guild or team up with other players for cooperative missions.

Moreover, exploring the in-game help section can provide detailed insights.


Sword Life offers an array of exciting features that enhance the gameplay experience:

– Extensive character customization options.
– An immersive storyline with rich lore.
– Both PvE and PvP modes for varied gameplay.
– Regular updates and seasonal events.
– Crafting and resource management systems.

Additionally, many players appreciate the vibrant community and support forums.


Mastering these controls is crucial for success:

– WASD keys for movement.
– Mouse for camera control and attacking.
– Number keys for skills and abilities.
– Tab key to target the nearest enemy.

Furthermore, you can customize these controls in the settings menu to better suit your playstyle.

Release Date

– Sword Life was released on May 14, 2021.

Keeping up with updates and patches since its release date can provide ongoing improvements and new content.


– Created by Stellar Games Studios.

Their experience in game development is evident in the polished mechanics and detailed world.


Available platforms include:

– PC (Windows and macOS).
– Xbox.
– PlayStation.

Future expansions to mobile platforms might be in development.

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