Tail Gun Charlie
Tail Gun Charlie
Tail Gun Charlie

Tail Gun Charlie

How to Play

First and foremost, in Tail Gun Charlie, players assume the role of a tail gunner in a World War II bomber. Consequently, your primary mission is to defend the aircraft from incoming enemy fighters. Throughout each level, you must aim and shoot using your machine gun to take down enemy planes, thereby protecting your bomber. Furthermore, as you progress, the game introduces various challenges and power-ups, which can significantly aid your defense strategy.


Tail Gun Charlie boasts several intriguing features that enhance its gameplay. For instance, the game includes realistic graphics that mimic a World War II aerial combat environment. Additionally, it offers dynamic weather conditions and varying times of day, which add to the immersive experience. Moreover, players can upgrade their weaponry and equipment, ensuring they remain formidable against increasingly difficult waves of enemies.


The controls in Tail Gun Charlie are straightforward yet effective. Firstly, players use the mouse to aim their machine gun; dragging the cursor across the screen will move the gun in the same direction. Secondly, clicking the left mouse button fires the weapon. Moreover, certain keyboard shortcuts allow for quick access to power-ups and other in-game functionalities, making the combat experience seamless and engaging.

Release Date

Tail Gun Charlie was officially released on June 15, 2020. Since its launch, the game has garnered a loyal fanbase and continues to receive updates and improvements based on player feedback.


The game was developed by Slambang Games, a studio known for creating exciting, action-packed games with intricate details and engaging mechanics. Their dedication to quality is evident in every aspect of Tail Gun Charlie.


Tail Gun Charlie is available across multiple platforms, making it accessible to a wide audience. Not only can the game be played on PC, but it is also available on iOS and Android mobile devices. Therefore, whether you prefer playing on a large screen or on-the-go, Tail Gun Charlie accommodates your needs.

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