Thanksgiving Squad Style

Thanksgiving Squad Style

How to Play Thanksgiving Squad Style

To play this engaging online game:

– Assemble your squad
– Customize characters with festive outfits
– Complete holiday-themed missions
– Collaborate using in-game communication
– Earn rewards and unlock new levels

Remember, teamwork is key to winning challenges, and enjoying the festivity is part of the fun.


Thanksgiving Squad Style boasts several attractive features:

– Vibrant graphics with a fall theme
– Multiple character customization options
– Various holiday missions and challenges
– Real-time communication with squad members
– Rewards and daily bonuses for logging in

These features ensure a rich, immersive gaming experience for all players.


The controls are intuitive and easy to master:

– Use WASD or arrow keys for movement
– Mouse for aiming and interacting
– Number keys for quick access to tools and weapons
– Press T for chat and communication

These controls make it straightforward to navigate and collaborate with your team.

Release Date

Thanksgiving Squad Style was released on:

– November 20, 2022

The timing was perfect for those looking to get into the holiday spirit through gaming.


This game was developed by:

– Holiday Game Studio

Their expertise in crafting themed games shines through in this festive creation.


You can play Thanksgiving Squad Style on:

– PC and Mac
– iOS and Android devices

This multi-platform availability ensures you can enjoy the game on your preferred device.

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