The Branch Runner
The Branch Runner
The Branch Runner

The Branch Runner

How to Play

First and foremost, to play The Branch Runner, you have to understand its basic mechanics. In general, the objective is to keep your character running on a perpetually growing tree branch. Consequently, you must dodge obstacles and collect bonuses along the way. Moreover, players need to carefully time their jumps to avoid falling off the branch.

Additionally, as you progress, the game gradually becomes more challenging. Therefore, quick reflexes and strategic thinking are essential. Due to the increasing speed, it is crucial to stay focused at all times. Getting the hang of these mechanics is key to achieving high scores.


The Branch Runner boasts several engaging features. Firstly, the graphics are vibrant and appealing, making the game visually interesting. Secondly, there are multiple levels of increasing difficulty. Furthermore, the game includes various power-ups that aid players in their journey. In addition to these, leaderboards allow you to compete with friends and other players worldwide. Above all, the sound effects and background music are immersive, enhancing the overall gaming experience.


The controls of The Branch Runner are straightforward. On desktop, you can use the arrow keys for navigation. On mobile devices, the controls are touch-based; simply swipe left or right to move and tap to jump. Because of their simplicity, the controls make the game accessible to players of all ages.

Release Date

The Branch Runner was officially released on March 15, 2022. Since then, it has gained a substantial following. Regular updates ensure that the game remains fresh and engaging. These updates often include new levels and features, providing players with ongoing challenges.


The game is developed by PixelGamers Studio, renowned for creating addictive and visually stunning online games. With a focus on user experience, PixelGamers Studio ensures that their games are easy to pick up but hard to master. In turn, this keeps players coming back for more.


The Branch Runner is available on multiple platforms. These include web browsers, iOS, and Android. Consequently, you can enjoy the game on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Thus, the flexibility allows players to enjoy the game anytime and anywhere.

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