Traffic Light Simulator 3D

Traffic Light Simulator 3D

How to Play Traffic Light Simulator 3D Online

Once the game loads, a screen will present you with options to either start a new game or continue where you left off. Choose your desired mode, and you’ll be transported to a 3D environment where you control traffic lights at various intersections.


Traffic Light Simulator 3D comes packed with exciting features. First, it includes a realistic 3D environment. Not only does it capture urban landscapes, but it also includes suburban roads and rural intersections. Moreover, it offers diverse weather conditions to make each level more challenging. Additionally, integrated analytics help you measure your performance, such as cars stopped, accidents avoided, and overall traffic flow efficiency.


The controls in Traffic Light Simulator 3D are intuitive and user-friendly. Generally, you can use mouse clicks or taps to change the state of the lights. Red, yellow, and green buttons typically appear on your screen. Click these buttons to switch between the different colors. Directions are displayed on-screen, guiding you through each level. Furthermore, keyboard shortcuts can be used for advanced control, such as the space bar for emergency stops and arrow keys for navigating the interface.

Release Date

The release date for Traffic Light Simulator 3D was September 15, 2022. Since its launch, it has received numerous updates to enhance gameplay and introduce new levels, features, and challenges.


Traffic Light Simulator 3D was developed by UrbanSim Studios. The team specializes in creating simulation games that focus on real-world scenarios, delivering an engaging and educational experience for players of all ages.


The game is available on multiple platforms. Primarily, you can play it on PC and Mac via web browsers. Additionally, there is a mobile version for both Android and iOS devices, ensuring you can manage traffic lights on the go. Furthermore, console versions for PlayStation and Xbox are in development, and set to be released soon.

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