What a Leg

What a Leg

Play What a Leg Online

Experience countless hours of fun as you play What a Leg online. This game offers unique challenges that will surely keep you entertained. Join players from around the globe in a fantastic adventure.


What a Leg provides an amazing array of features that enhance your gaming experience:

– Stunning graphics
– Diverse levels
– Exciting power-ups
– Multiplayer mode


The controls of What a Leg are quite intuitive and user-friendly. You can navigate through the game with ease, utilizing simple taps and swipes. Here is a brief overview of the controls:

– Tap to jump
– Swipe to move
– Hold to run faster

Release Date

The enthralling game, What a Leg, was released on May 15, 2022. Following its release, it quickly gained popularity among gamers due to its compelling gameplay and rich features.


What a Leg was developed by one of the top-notch game development companies, Game Masters Studios. Known for their innovation and creativity, they have delivered a product that has captured the hearts of many.


You can enjoy playing What a Leg on various platforms. It is available on:

– Android
– iOS
– Windows
– Mac

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