Worm Out: Brain Teaser Games

Worm Out: Brain Teaser Games

How to Play Worm Out: Brain Teaser Games

  • Start the game by selecting the level you want to play.
  • Your objective is to remove all the worms from the fruits.
  • Use various tools and strategies to draw the worms out.
  • As you progress, levels become more challenging and require creative solutions.


  • Engaging and challenging puzzles
  • Colorful and appealing graphics
  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulty
  • Tools and hints to assist you with tricky puzzles
  • Regular updates and new levels


  • Simple touch controls for mobile devices
  • Mouse click and drag for desktop versions
  • Intuitive UI for easy navigation
  • Clear visual indicators for tools and objectives

Release Date

  • Worm Out: Brain Teaser Games was released in January 2021.


  • Developed by Azur Games
  • Known for producing a range of popular casual and puzzle games


  • Available on iOS and Android devices
  • Can be played on PC through online platforms

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