Zombie Driver
Zombie Driver
Zombie Driver

Zombie Driver

How to Play Zombie Driver

  • First, choose your vehicle
  • Next, embark on various missions such as rescuing survivors and exterminating zombies
  • Also, collect power-ups and upgrades along the way
  • Finally, navigate through the zombie-infested city efficiently


  • Story mode with engaging missions
  • Survival mode to test your endurance
  • Blood Race mode featuring high-speed car combat
  • Variety of vehicles to customize
  • Numerous weapons and upgrades


  • WASD or arrow keys for movement
  • Spacebar for using the handbrake
  • Left mouse button to fire weapons
  • R for resetting the vehicle
  • Tab to toggle the map

Release Date

  • Zombie Driver was released in December 2009


  • Developed by Exor Studios


  • Available on PC
  • Accessible via PlayStation 3
  • Also offered on Xbox 360
  • Mobile versions for iOS and Android

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