Cooking Frenzy

Cooking Frenzy

How to Play Cooking Frenzy

  • Install the game on your device
  • Start the game and sign in
  • Follow the tutorial for basic instructions
  • Select your desired recipe
  • Collect necessary ingredients
  • Cook following the on-screen instructions
  • Serve the dish to earn points

Thus, through these steps, you can easily understand the basics of playing. Furthermore, the game provides helpful tips and tricks to enhance your cooking skills.


  • Diverse recipes from various cuisines
  • Interactive and engaging gameplay
  • Time management challenges
  • Daily rewards and achievements
  • Colorful and attractive graphics
  • Regular updates with new content

Moreover, the game offers exciting events and special kitchen tools, thereby making your cooking experience even more enjoyable.


  • Tap to select ingredients
  • Swipe to chop or mix items
  • Drag and drop to arrange dishes
  • Hold to activate special utensils

Interestingly, the intuitive controls ensure that even beginners can quickly get the hang of the game. Additionally, you can customize controls in the settings menu.

Release Date

The game was officially released on June 15, 2020. Since then, it has garnered a large following, thanks to its captivating gameplay and regular updates.


The game is developed by renowned developers who specialize in creating engaging simulation games. Their expertise is evident in the polished mechanics and dynamic graphics of the game.


  • Available on iOS
  • Available on Android

Therefore, you can enjoy the game on both smartphones and tablets. Additionally, with seamless cross-platform synchronization, you can easily switch devices without losing progress.

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