Flipper Dunk 3D

Flipper Dunk 3D

Play Flipper Dunk 3D Game Online

Playing Flipper Dunk 3D online offers a unique thrill. As a player, you aim to flip the ball through a hoop, combining skill and timing to achieve high scores. The game’s captivating mechanics ensure repeat play, providing endless entertainment.


  • Engaging 3D graphics that enhance the visual experience
  • Addictive gameplay with progressively challenging levels
  • Simple, yet highly responsive controls
  • Various balls and hoops to unlock
  • Scoreboards to compare achievements with friends


  • Tap to flip the ball into the air
  • Timing your taps for accurate shots
  • Avoid obstacles to score points

Release Date

  • Initially launched in mid-2022


  • Created by a talented team at a renowned game studio


  • Available on Android devices
  • Play on iOS devices
  • Compatible with web browsers for online play

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