Skibidi Toilet Basketball

Skibidi Toilet Basketball

How to Play

  • First, start by launching the game.
  • Next, use your mouse or touch controls to aim your shot.
  • Then, you need to carefully judge the angle and power.
  • Finally, release your shot and aim for the toilet bowl.


  • Firstly, unique and engaging gameplay mechanics.
  • Secondly, simple controls that are easy to master.
  • Additionally, colorful and quirky graphics.
  • Moreover, multiple levels with increasing difficulty.
  • Fully optimized for various devices.


  • Primarily, use the mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Alternatively, use touch controls on mobile devices.
  • For power adjustment, drag and release.
  • To access menus, click on-screen buttons.

Release Date

  • Initially released on March 15, 2023.
  • Periodic updates have been rolled out since the release.


  • Created by the innovative studio, FunTime Games.
  • Known for developing casual and engaging online games.


  • Available on PC and Mac via web browsers.
  • Also accessible on Android and iOS devices.
  • No installation required for browser play.

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