Wooden Block Blast Adventure Master

Wooden Block Blast Adventure Master

How to Play

  • Drag and drop wooden blocks to create full lines.
  • Full lines, both horizontally and vertically, will clear from the board.
  • Earn points as you clear lines and try to beat your high score.
  • The game ends when there is no more space for given blocks on the board.


  • Engaging and strategic gameplay suitable for all ages.
  • Smooth and intuitive controls for seamless play.
  • A range of beautifully designed wooden blocks.
  • Increasing levels of difficulty to keep you challenged.
  • A leaderboard to compete with friends and players worldwide.


  • Use the mouse or touchscreen to drag and drop the blocks.

Release Date

  • October 2023


  • BlockMaster Studios


  • Playable on web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.
  • Mobile versions available for iOS and Android devices.

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Therefore, dive into the Wooden Block Blast Adventure Master game, explore its intriguing features, and enjoy hours of entertainment.